• live or on demand?
  • studio or at location?
  • greenkey?
  • 2-3-4-5 speakers?
  • do we need a host?
  • who is watching?
  • are my slides visible?
  • how many cameras do we need?
  • can I use my pointer?
  • where do I look?
  • is there a prompter?
  • do we rehearse?
  • do we need make up?
  • when do we best go live?
  • is a subscription necessary?

Organising your webinar from script to streaming

Together we decide a format, create a script and a setting.

We make an offer based on the input from our intake meeting and make a back planning. 

Once everything is in motion we take care of the technical setup and provide you with the branded visuals needed for a succesfull webinar. 

  • countdown clock (for live events)
  • Intro clip
  • lower third animation
  • bumper clip
  • will be back shortly clip
  • outro clip

Before the webinar we will organise a dry-run. Together with the host and speakers we will go through all the key points of the webinar and give guidance to everybody to have a succesfull webinar.

During the live streaming we will provide the client with technical support and give data on live viewers. 

After the webinar we provide you with an on-demand version and analytics from the webinar. 

In action:

Some happy clients: